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Step Over The Rainbow :)

Have you ever noticed how this world is ruled by those with power and those powerless? Sometimes I feel like we are just plain puppets of our own society. Want I'm trying to say is that we are always judged based upon our looks. Primely a hint that we humans are just superficial, which I am going to classify as a collective adjective, I know we all have some sort of inclination toward looks and appereance.

I am totally amazed at how many new groups among our population have started their own small mini culture. Like Emo people, they are so ballsy. I mean, I definately couldn't go out dressing like they do. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Emos, in fact I admire how they break the rules and go beyond what society expects.

Another group that I admire their "ballsiness" (is that a word?) are those guys that wear a lot of dark eyeshadows and are sometimes mistaken by Emos...what's their name.. Oh! Gothic guys! Yes, them. I really think they are like small families you know, that take care of themselves and gather because they have things in common and their own rules.

Maybe I am just a 16 year old girl who knows barely stuff about the world; But I know that we are all inside our tiny bubbles that wouldn't even be thought of being burst by the fear of ridicule and shame. Yes, I am one of those bubble people (but not that wierd movie in which a kid lives inside a REAL bubble).

This couldn't be a real pep talk for you to step out of that bubble of comformity without mentioning Lady Gaga. I don't know if you hate her or not, or if you think she is a hermaphrodite. What I do know is that her way of thinking outside the box is magnificent. She has never been, is'nt and will never be inside that box, I think that she doesn't even see the box or maybe she doesn't wven know the box is a square. Of course some of her outfits might be bizzare:

Set aside some of her wierd and freaky outfits and get to the point: She doesn't care if she is catalogized as a freakishly new popstar. Anyways I hope you're getting the point :)

I am not a girl that wears hair as skirts or a lot of dark eyeshadows, but I dress however I like and I don't care if they say I should not wear my dress with my converse or that my shirt has too many colors and that my new haircut looks like a cabbage. I am ME. And I decide what I will wear and do with MY life.

So, if this actually inspired you to step outside that box and burst your comformity bubble, then comment and tell Anonymous Ann :) what you think!

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