lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

First Day OVER

So today was my first day (lame beginning for blog post but hey, this day wasn't the best either... ) and I sort of enjoyed it... 

Yes, yes I did....

Believe me... 

OK...gosh, It was so (what word can I use?) =====> -_________-

Yeah, that's the face.


I woke up feeling nauseousness  creeping inside me, wierd because I wasn't dancing in the senior dance. I think it was how I wanted it to end. It was nice after all, the breakfast was more or less and the decoratin was cute. I liked the dance, they had fun with it so...yeah. 

Sorry for this lame SUPER LAME  post but they changed me from class, now I am in 11-D. My 2 BFFs are in 11-A and I'm with my other BFF in 11-D... !!

Sorry again but I feel like Layla (my pet) ==============> -_______________________-

Yes, I adopted an emoticon....

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jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011

My Artistic Side

Art is in my veins, I even think it surpasses the amount of oxygen I actually have running inside the blood. My uncle (or my grandma's brother) he was the youngest of 9 brothers and one of my first inspiration Gurus (:

Sadly (And I blame my luck which lives in another dimension) he died ):

But, (here is where I thank my good deeds for giving me good karma) he didn't left to the fluffy heavens without making me his pupil.

He showed me how he drew, not teach, everything I know from Art was because I was gifted (with the talent not knowledge) not the best artist but I can draw proportions and angles and shades. The rest of the knowledge was because of my not so talented art teachers at school, although the best teacher I've had was Art Teacher # 4. He knew his things. I was excruciatingly amazed when he told me he had actually studied Art. :')

He also showed me how to play the piano. First he made me decide what intrsument I wanted to work with. He had a couple of violins, another pair of pianos and like one guitar. I chose the piano. I only got through the first lullaby book. But what is learned is never forgotten. So about a month ago I recovered my skills but had no piano at all. I had one but it was small and had no charger.

And this is the part where I get visited from another dimension.

My luck came from its parallel universe   perpendicular universe (because it crossed over) and made me find the eight year lost charger. ALELUYA ALELUYA ALEEELUUUYAAA!!

First song I learned: The Edge of Glory.

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miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

Senior To Be

I believe we all have a point within a sitution in which we get bored or get tired of it. I am a very energetic girl, I get to the point in which you would like for me to stitch my mouth or cut my tongue. But that's another story, the point is you might or might not fisnish something with the same energy you started with. Although that's the problem with me. I've lost my Senior Spirit before school actually starts.

I've looked everywhere (my mind and my old notebooks, you might wonder why my notebooks but they have silly random things I've written with my friends) but I just can't find my Senior Spirit! I sometimes get hit by it at random times of the day while doing random things (like brushing my teeth) and get all excited but it fades within seconds. 

These past weeks (I haven't been blogging so excuse my laziness) my classmates have been preparing this senior dance, I first thought about participating in it, but then the feeling BAM became no more than a forgotten want. I felt I didn't need to be there. Like if I culd live wothout it. Days later I was regretting not being there. Seconds later I was happy I didn't form part of the dance thingy. And the cycle continued and continued, repeating itself over and over, until it stopped (or I stopped it?).

Anyhow, I presented myself today to the "first senior meeting". Okay let's stop there. FIRST? Yeah right, it was the second! I really feel neutral in this because I know I am a comformer. I tend to comform with things. However I felt offended because I wasn't called for the first meeting WEEKS before, and I knew about this one because I was told by someone. So I've decided to take orders from now one. Not that I didn't follow orders before but I had made an idea of fighting for my desicions this senior year. So this will be my plan, to accept society's rules (when talkibg about senior desicions) and just "go with the flow". 

You might think how dumb and stupid I might sound, but we are 100 seniors and if the small group that GETS CALLED (about 10%) and they decide things for me, I will be okay with it. It will be awkward showing up at the SECOND MEETING THINKING IT WAS THE FIRST and try to change stuff that was already decided. So wish me luck because this year will be the most DRAMA EQUIPPED YEAR EVER!!!!

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