jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

French Fries Frenzy

For dinner I just had french fries with nuggets! :)

PS. Have you noticed me blogging alot about food? xD

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Boundless Brownies!!

My sister baked brownies about 15 minutes ago. I just love the smell you an sense when they are about to be ready. The best part is when you take a bite from the exquisite small brownie.

Peace, Love & Drama,

Anonymous Ann=

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miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

Chips & Cheese

Yeah, my afternoon snack.

Peace, Love & Drama 

Anonymous Ann :)

PS: I'm planning on changing my username ;)

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martes, 19 de julio de 2011

My Nail Art

So this summer I had a lot of free time, more than other summers. I never knew why, but I had no summer activities other than visiting my relatives. So I started painting my nails. Take a look at the pictures below, and comment.

I invented this one! Stars and hearts.

Crazy zebra print, I learned how to paint the stripes and then I added my style!

Super cute pandas! I love them, my left hand the background is pink so they are girls...

...the boys are on the blue background on my right hand!

Blue, white and pink stripes!

Super cute smiley faces!! :)

Rainbow cuteness ;)

Splattered Mess

Delicate style, I learned in youtube :)

Invented spot disorder!!

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lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Am I spoiled


own car []
cell phone [$]
own phone line []
own bathroom []
own bedroom [$]
boyfriend []
2 or more story house [$]
built-in pool []
game room []
guest house []
t.v in your room [$]
cheerleader []
double bed (full, queen or king size bed) []
more than 2O pairs of shoes []
1O or more things from a designer store []
good grades [$]
Dior sunglasses []
Coach or Juicy purse []
iPod []
PS3 []
Mercedes Benz []
basketball hoop []
pool table []
air hockey table []
trampoline []
LIVES on a lake or pond []
owns a snowboard []
owns skiis []
has a boat []
has a jet ski []
owns a beach house []
only child []
stereo system in bedroom [$]
DVD player in bedroom []
pink walls []
3O+ dvd's [$]
gets $5O+ for allowance each month []
goes shopping twice or more a month [$]
shops at Abercrombie& Fitch []
makeup []
perfume from Victoria's Secret [$]
AIM []
MSN [$]
Yahoo! []
5+ trophies []
own digital camera []
dirt bike []
electric scooter []
4X4 truck []
walk-in closet []
guitar and/or drums []
hammock []
been on a cruise [
traveled out of the country []
fitness room in house []
personal fit trainer []
expensive jewelery []
met a celeb []
hair straightener [$]
curling iron [$]
on a sports team for school []
$1OO+ in purse right now []
own savings account []
1+ BEST friends [$]
shopped in NYC []
has had a HUGE sweet sixteen []
lives on private property [$]
license []
moved 3+ times [$]
family-owned sports car []
hot tub []
pet(s) []
ranch []
AT&T []
Verison Wireless []
T- Mobile []
Sprint / other []
been to 5+ states in the U.S []
works at a store like Hollister []
5O+ buddies on messenger []
alarm clock [$]
eats out 2+ times a week []
been in a limo []
own laptop [$]
own camcorder []
15 $'s

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Back On Track

Hello fellow readers!

I don't know or actually I don't remember if I've written about me being a wannnabe writer. Well, in case I haven't, it's true. My dream is to be a writer. It's my passion. I love to write because I express myself doing so. I've written fan-fictions and other things but I get stuck with the plot and I never continue.

The sixtteenth I had an awesome dream. Which I will be turning into a book. ^.^

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sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

My Room : Limited Entrance!

So today my aunt told me about some of her husband's extended family coming to town and they expect to see the baby. I thought "Great! Now I'll have to stay in my room until they leave!". It's not that I am anti-social, it's just that I don't like meeting people. Okay, I am a little anti-social, but this is besides the point.

So the people arrived, I thought only grown-ups were coming since thhe baby is just 9 days old. To my surprise 5 kids came. FIVE...five! Did I mention FIVE kids came? I hate little kids!  Well I don't hate little kids I just don't enjoy their company when they misbehave or WHEN I ENTER MY ROOM AND THE FIRRST THING I SEE IS A LITTLE GIRL PLAYING WITH MY STUFF!!

Yes, they entered and did what they pleased. My clothes were on the floor, my hair accesories were worn by them, my purple wig on the floor...well a complete mess!!

I politely told them to go away but in my mind I had already spanked the five of them.

PS.I don't hate kids, I just hate when they enter my room and make a mess....

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viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

A baby is born! (:

I'm so sorry for not blogging constantly.

Here's what has happened the past week.

My aunt had her baby, he wieghed 9.13 lbs. Since he was too big she couldn't give birth to him the normal way so she got operated. The doctor told her she had to immediately, by immediately he meant that same afternoon. Now, let me explain how our family took the news.

First we have my aunt, the baby's mother: She started crying. She arrived home crying or making streams wherever she passed by.

Second we have the baby's dad: he started cursing the doctor. Why? I don't know! But he did.

Third we have my grandmother: she got excited, or was it nervous? I can't tell beacuse she started fixing her garden in a wierd super hyper way. If you would have been a weed in her garden you wouldn't even had gotten the chance of sayng "What the broccoli is happening?".

Fourth we have myself and my sister: we cried.

Fifth we have my other aunt: she took the first bus she could to come over to our city (which is 8 hours away from hers).

Now you know how wierdly we all acted. It's time to explain the babies birth.

My grandma and I arrived to tthe clinic, my younger sister was already there with my aunt and her husband. You see my uncle-in-law rarely invited us to eat fast food, not because he is stingy, it's because he takes good care of his shape. That's what he first did when I arrived. He invited us to BK. We went walking and got there fast (nerves maybe? or vampire abbilities? vampire abbilities is more believable.) Anyways he ate a really big burger super fast too. (I'm still guessing vampire abbilities).

We took about an hour and none of us thought the labor will happen so fast. But guess what? When we arrived the baby was not only already in this world, but also he was cleaned, changed, and he even had some mittens and a small hat on!!!! (excuse the abundance of exclamation marks).

So when he is older and he asks his dad where was he when he was born.. he will answer: At BK's stuffing my mouth with food.

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viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

Life: A game that loads in 9 months.

I saw that quote on Mtv and found it interesting.

Anyhow my cousin will come to this world today. You see he weighs 9.33 lbs! He's too big and the amniotic fliud is running out! 

I wanted to share thiswith you.

I wanted to post the first chapter in Pecky & Friends but my cousin is coming so maybe tomorrow!

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jueves, 7 de julio de 2011


So I found this on a really cool website and decided to post it here cause I've had thought about that..

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miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Oops! I did it again!

I have terrible memory...sorry little drama stars but I made a mistake on the previus post!

You see the real story of Singing Day goes likes this...

Singing Day

Once upon a time a very very long time ago, about two years ago, we had this boring US History class. Everybody wondered why we studied US History if we live in Honduras...but that is not important in this story. Our teacher was one of the most dynamic teachers in the whole kingdom named School. Here in this kingdom we had to be neat and polite, pay attention in class and all that School stuff.

If we didn't follow the many rules we had, we had the worse punishment in the story of School Kingdom...EXTRA HOMEWORK. (of course and he other things like lines or detention).

So our teacher started singing Lady in Red, the song of course. And I said "Singing Day" and then another peasant in School kingdom said "Let's do this every tuesday and thursday."

And so the happy peasants of School Kingdom sang song on Singing Day! And they lived happily ever after singing songs.

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martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Singing Day History

As you might've read posts before, I mentioned something about a singing day. Well, here's the story.

Singing Day
True Hollywood Story

A friend started singing then I told her "Let's do this every Tuesday and Thursday!" she agreed! Since 2008!

The End.

I'll leave you with a song!

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sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

FunDay Yesterday!

You know what the best part of coming to Progreso is? Oh, how silly from my part. Of course you don't... Anyhow, the best part of it is how much fun I have here!

Yesterday was one of the best days in my life (the first is the day I was born)! 

First I played gamecube all morning with my two boy cousins and my sister & brother. Then in the afternoon my uncle called me so I could get ready and go get my new computer (I haven't told you guys the incident in which a small 4 yr old kid grabbed my oriental umbrella, I ran after him, but since I am clumsy I got tangled on my pink Vaio''s charger and it fell fromthe table. Next thing you know you have me crying a river and drowning in it. Afterwards I gave it to my mother which took to the city it was bought because I had guarantee, THANK YOU LORD ALMIGHTY!) we didn't go to the mall, we went instead to take care of some things he had to do around town, mostly my granny's errands. When we arrived my cousins were playing at the backyard and so were my siblings.
What followed was the best soccer game ever! We played with our father's brother and sister and my uncle's  wife. 
Girls vs Boys

We had to take a shower, because we were heading towards 

It was AWESOME!!




If you haven't seen it...you are missing the best action movie ever!

Anyways before the premiere we went shopping for shoes. I got a gray pair of flats and some heels! 

My new computer is dell. It can be a tablet or a normal laptop. I love it, and definetly will take care of it.

see ya!

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