jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Good bye nice climate! Hello heat! -_____________-

I've spent three weeks at the big city of Tegucigalpa! Living the life at my aunt's house. I had a blast and ate like I've never had before. Can you believe it? I weigh 10 more pounds...which will sum up to 90 pounds! Finally! I am fatter. Funny that some girls my age want to loose weigh while I want to gain some meat!

Aside from the nice weather and the superflous food and rest I had, I HATE TEGUCIGALPA!! It is super big and it is hell waiting half an hour just because of traffic. I hate being where there are just too many people.  I also hate those spiral streets where you just seem to go round and round. I get dizzy and want to puke.

But now I am at Progreso for an appointment my grandmother has. She will be the new president of a group in this city that is only for men, they help people. It's an honor for her to be the first woman to be allowed, even more honorable to be the first girl president!

Well fellow readers (if there are some) For now I say goodbye! See you in the next post!

I leave you with this song, since it is singing day. But later on I will tell you about singing day! :)

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martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Leave my shoes ALONE!

My uncle says my shoes are already worn out and they have to be thrown away. What he doesn't get is how much effort I've put into them so they can stand out.

Poem to My Shoes

I got you two a year ago in a blink
without a doubt you are unique.
I replaced your gray laces with some pink,
I even draw a rainbow I think!

But my uncle he's so mean!
He wants to destroy you! Oh he's mean!
You even have a twilight's quote
followed by a shakespeare saying!
Oh if your soles wouldn't be so destroyed
I could keep you my Dear Converse!

Ok that was random...but it sounds cool..like those Dr. Seuss poems. He was my favorite author as a kid. So I won't let my uncle throw aya my converse! The best thing about them is that I bought them with my own money, and they go with ANYTHING I wear so, they can't be tossed to the trash can!

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sábado, 25 de junio de 2011

Step Over The Rainbow :)

Have you ever noticed how this world is ruled by those with power and those powerless? Sometimes I feel like we are just plain puppets of our own society. Want I'm trying to say is that we are always judged based upon our looks. Primely a hint that we humans are just superficial, which I am going to classify as a collective adjective, I know we all have some sort of inclination toward looks and appereance.

I am totally amazed at how many new groups among our population have started their own small mini culture. Like Emo people, they are so ballsy. I mean, I definately couldn't go out dressing like they do. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Emos, in fact I admire how they break the rules and go beyond what society expects.

Another group that I admire their "ballsiness" (is that a word?) are those guys that wear a lot of dark eyeshadows and are sometimes mistaken by Emos...what's their name.. Oh! Gothic guys! Yes, them. I really think they are like small families you know, that take care of themselves and gather because they have things in common and their own rules.

Maybe I am just a 16 year old girl who knows barely stuff about the world; But I know that we are all inside our tiny bubbles that wouldn't even be thought of being burst by the fear of ridicule and shame. Yes, I am one of those bubble people (but not that wierd movie in which a kid lives inside a REAL bubble).

This couldn't be a real pep talk for you to step out of that bubble of comformity without mentioning Lady Gaga. I don't know if you hate her or not, or if you think she is a hermaphrodite. What I do know is that her way of thinking outside the box is magnificent. She has never been, is'nt and will never be inside that box, I think that she doesn't even see the box or maybe she doesn't wven know the box is a square. Of course some of her outfits might be bizzare:

Set aside some of her wierd and freaky outfits and get to the point: She doesn't care if she is catalogized as a freakishly new popstar. Anyways I hope you're getting the point :)

I am not a girl that wears hair as skirts or a lot of dark eyeshadows, but I dress however I like and I don't care if they say I should not wear my dress with my converse or that my shirt has too many colors and that my new haircut looks like a cabbage. I am ME. And I decide what I will wear and do with MY life.

So, if this actually inspired you to step outside that box and burst your comformity bubble, then comment and tell Anonymous Ann :) what you think!

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jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

"What do you wanna be when you grow up?"

That question, the famous question we are always asked and through time it changes from the answers to how it is asked.


Mom: "Sweetie? What do you wanna be when you grow up?"

Me: "A little mermaid mommy!" (I raise my little mermaid doll and splash it in my pool)

First Grade:

Mom: "Do you still want to be the little mermaid?"

Me: "Nop! I can't swim."

Mom: "Oh, so you want to be a doctor or a teacher?"

Me: "I was thinking more like a FAIRY!!" (I turn on the TV and watch Peter Pan)

Third Grade:

Me: "Mom! I don't wanna be a fairy anymore I wanna be a nurse!"

Fourth Grade:

Me: "Mom, I HATE BLOOD!! I'll be a teacher instead."

The years followed and I've always wanted to be a teacher, I0m not going to count my "Vampire Frenzy" I had in 9th grade as a "carrer option". Yes, me and my friends wanted to be vampires, don't blame me. Blame TWILIGHT!!

Tenth Grade:

Mom: "What are you going to do with your life? Decide soon college is on its way!"

Me: "I have NO clue...."

I now have some possibilities of what I want to study. Maybe architecture and interior design, but I'm not sure; I love to write too.

We might change, grow, stretch and become taller (although I am short or fun size, however you want to call it.) but I belive we we still be the same inmature youngster inside. Sure I know I can't be a fairy or a mermaid anymore or even a princess, but I loved to play and characterize them.

When we grow we start maturing or so. But...what is to "mature"? Does that mean I will become more "serious" or "grumpy"? No, to mature for me is waaaay different then some opinions I've heard from my friends. I think that when we mature we can finally make decisions by ourselves, decisions that will have causes and effents but will be handled with calm and patience. To mature, the act of maturing, is the transcission from being the careless girl to the careful woman.

One thing I know certainly, deep inside of me whether I become a professional, I'll still be the same funny, random and wierd Anonymous Ann :)

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miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

What will you read here?

Being a teenager during the 21st century is not easy, let alone at a third world country.I'm not saying I go through many traumas that affect my life or that I have gotten bit by a radioactive spider. I'm 16 years old and live in a small city in Honduras, yes some of our people are dying from hunger but yes, I have a computer, Internet, Facebook, and this blog.

I decided to write in here all of my thoughts, my experiences and maybe my rage too. I just want to get rid of all that happens in my tiny little world. Believe me, I bet every school has their small cliques, and witches and nerds, jocks, cheerleaders, wannabe's, etc.

Don't worry I'll promise not to bore you with my entries, you'll find them funny or entertaining. I'm just a girl who has plenty of time and nothing else to do than to write about what0s going through her mind, opinions about how people are crazy these days. Maybe I could even write about things you have been through or will be.

I'm not that stupid to give my WHOLE identity, someday I might be having a Hulk attack and blog something about a stupid girl who stepped on my foot with her sasquash feet, publish her name and BAM! next thing you know, I'm kicked of the school, of my house and have to live under a bridge.

If you are reading this stayed tuned for more blogs, tell you're friends about how this girl entertains you with her life and comment!!

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